Viber App for iPad

Viber App for iPad

Tired having your monthly phone bill rose up exponentially? Would you prefer to majorly save up your expenses on communication to, well, let’s say, for free?  Well, now you can! With the new Viber app available straight from iOS App Store, you can make a call or receive a call from any time and anywhere, free of charge!

Viber is a free to download communication app that is available to iPhone, iPad, and iPod that lets you to make free phone calls to any device that has Viber installed on. By using your cellphone’s internet data plan, you can make any call on the fellow Viber user from anywhere and anytime in the world. And even better, unlike Skype that forces you to register ID’s and password, Viber only needs you to provide your phone number without all the unnecessary hassle. You already have known your friend’s number, so why bother with making another set of username and password? Just use your phone number and start calling your friends and relatives for free!

Worried on looking for who uses Viber in your phone’s contact number? Don’t sweat it. Viber will helps you scan your existing contact list for any numbers that have Viber installed on them. Any contact number that has Viber app logo besides them is a sign of the fellow Viber user, and you can make a VoIP call with them free of charge, without any hidden fees whatsoever.

One of the main features of Viber is that even you closed the app and doesn’t running it on the background, you can still accept calls within the app service. This feature is done by sending a notification straight to Apple’s server to generate a ring, and when you tap the “Answer” button, the app automatically launches and connects the call in a mere second. You don’t even need to go online or logged in to receive a call. Whenever your phone is on, Viber app will goes on too.

The only drawback that this app has is it uses internet data usage for connecting the phone. But still, with the abundance of unlimited internet data packages from many mobile phone carriers worldwide, this shouldn’t be an issue. The quality of the call that Viber has to offer is also top notch, where the sounds are transferred seamlessly even on 3G or WiFi environment without much interference.

Other features that Viber has to offer are the ability to make the call from across the continent without the need to pay the roaming charge. Since the connection line is made by using internet, you can connect to the other Viber user regardless of what mobile carriers they have or on which country they are in.  And unlike any other messenger app that requires you to “add friends” or “add buddies” and have them to accept your friend request, Viber works like a normal phone. You don’t have to wait for people to add you, just type in their number and you are set to go.

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