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Broadcast Messages, Replies in Groups and more from Viber


With a fighter spirit, Viber is still trying hard to survive and catch up with new and more active messaging apps by adding features that have been available to those apps for quite a while but considered new to Viber

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Features and Benefits of Viber


Offered and Developed by Viber Media S.à r.l. the Viber App offers you with a free opportunity to connect with everyone across the world. With over 500 million active users Viber has gained a lot of popularity since the time

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Why Switch To Viber?


The Viber App also provide for groups chats, whereby users can create groups with as many as 20 members. Furthermore, the Viber Out Credits can be used for making calls to landline and mobile numbers that are non-Viber at a

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Viber App for iPad


Tired having your monthly phone bill rose up exponentially? Would you prefer to majorly save up your expenses on communication to, well, let’s say, for free?  Well, now you can! With the new Viber app available straight from iOS App

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Viber App Features


Being a messaging application, Viber has made great strides as it was launched in 2010. Viber does not only have the normal options that come with other texting applications, it’s going to take it even with all the additional stickers

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